Kelp Facts Animated Infographic

This animated infogram is a new kind of short-form interactive infographic we are developing here at Zubzuba Studio. Users can tweet facts directly from the infogram, and post the infogramĀ on their own blogs via embed code.

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Happy 2017!

Happy 2017

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Quick Guide to Infographics

Infographic Sketch

Infographics are not only a graphic interpretation of items and points of data, but also the graphic interpretation of a narrative arc that serves to meet a specific communication objective.

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Happy Halloween in Mile Fright City!

milefrightcityintroClick on the image to view the Mile Fright City web tour

Why Mile Fright City?
Denver has a great tradition of ghost stories, and we wanted to make a fun interactive tour that explores haunted locations and their stories. However, every resource we looked into offered wildly differing stories for each location. The Molly Brown House has a laundry list of ghosts that includes all of the former house staff and a cat. The Croke-Patterson Mansion is haunted by any number of apparitions depending on the source. Some ghosts seem to be moonlighting at multiple locations. In the end, we decided to just have fun with what we saw as common narrative threads: The Molly Brown House is over capacity, Croke-Patterson makes a delightfully odd onomatopoeia, and the Oxford Hotel needs to call Ghostbouncers to deal with their pickled poltergeist.

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!

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